An App for Your Online Store: Aspects to Consider

Mobile commerce will continue to be a big hit in 2017; in fact, experts believe that more users will shop from their smartphones and mobile devices in the coming years. We’re already seeing more than 60% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices and that number is growing at a steady rate.

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The huge impact of mobile users is pushing online businesses towards creating their own apps. Some already have mobile apps in app stores. Unfortunately, deciding to develop an app for your business – particularly an online store – isn’t always a straightforward process. To help you get started, here are some of the aspects to consider when trying to decide whether to develop your own mobile app.

Prestige and Value

Having a native app for Android and iOS is a great boost in prestige and credibility for any business; it does create an impact that will help your brand be more recognizable. This makes launching a native mobile app a great marketing effort. That said, developing a good one is not cheap and doing it solely for marketing purposes isn’t a good idea either.

What you need to focus on more is value. Can the mobile app provide value to customers? Native apps can present a much better shopping experience thanks to fluid animations and enhanced user experience. As long as you can integrate these features to substantially enhance the mobile shopping experience of your users, a mobile app is a worthy investment to make.

Time and Resources

The next question to answer is whether you have the time and resources to create a mobile app. Even with only two popular mobile operating systems on the market, developing native mobile apps will not be as easy as you think. It is also a mistake to negate the fact that mobile apps need to be maintained and updated.

Setting up an in-house app development team isn’t always the most cost-effective option to go for in this case. For most businesses, especially smaller online stores, having a team of mobile app developers from a reputable agency assisting with the development and maintenance tasks is the better way to go.

Working with an app development company or digital agency also lets you direct most of the time and resources you have towards more important things, such as marketing the app or finding new ways to expand the business. You can let the app developers do all the hard work of delivering the best user experience for you.

Gains and Reach

Last but not least, consider the gains you can get in return; the return on investment or ROI. Similar to other business decisions, the ROI of a mobile app can be easily forecasted and measured. The increase in reach, for instance, can be very good for business. With the market being as competitive as it is today, having a mobile app in the hands of customers also gives you that extra ability to keep potential customers engaged with promotional offers and special deals.

Review these aspects, and you will find deciding whether a mobile app is right for your business to be an easy task to complete. If you do find a mobile app worth investing in, find the best team of app developers and make sure the app is worthy of your brand.