Review: Movavi Photo Studio

When it comes to editing photos, the most difficult part is often learning how to use the software. Generally photo editing software is notorious for being both complicated and technical – which is why many people tend to avoid using it as far as possible unless they’re experienced in doing so.

That is a big part of why Movavi Photo Studio ( has been able to carve out a niche for itself and become so popular. It is engineered from the ground up to make editing photos as easy and painless a process as possible, and it simplifies even the more advanced features to make them user-friendly.

Familiar and Intuitive Approach

The main thrust of Movavi Photo Studio’s approach is to make photo editing as intuitive as possible by relying on making it feel familiar. Due to its accessible user interface it is easy to locate the various tools and features in the software, and most can be accessed with just a few clicks.

Applying the features is equally straightforward, and tends to require either a few clicks or some other basic actions. For example, you may need to drag and drop a certain element in place, resizing a window, or adjust a slider.

Versatile Capabilities

In spite of the fact that Movavi Photo Studio primarily is focused on being user-friendly, it also contains a comprehensive selection of features. When you use it you will be able to:

  • Improve the quality of your photos by enhancing them automatically with a single click or manually.
  • Correct most of the common issues in photos such as blurry or pixelated images.
  • Apply artistic filters such as sepia, black and white, oil painting, acid or lomo to alter the visual style of your photos.
  • Place text fields and customize their appearance to create unique captions, watermarks, or titles.
  • Delete and objects or elements that are in the way without leaving a trace behind.
  • Remove the entire background and replace it with a completely new image.
  • Transform the frame and orientation of the photo by flipping, rotating, resizing, leveling or cropping it.

Additionally, you could even use Movavi Photo Studio to create a video slideshow from your photos and jazz it up with background music as well as animated transitions. In short because of its combination of powerful features and a user-friendly approach, the software certainly has a lot of potential that is worth tapping into.