Things to Consider Before Booking a Meeting Room

If you’re an entrepreneur and managing a growing business, you might have felt the need of having space to hold meetings. However, looking for an environment where the delegates and facilities must be in perfect balance might not be the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of things to consider.

  1. Location

It is ideal to select a place that is accessible to all the attendees. You must also think about the transport links and parking space. Will they accommodate all guests? Although, the most important thing you have to consider is whether the location is suitable for company’s corporate image. Will it give the attendees the right impression?

  1. Venue size

Meeting rooms are available in different sizes. Select a room that can accommodate all the attendees without compromising their comfort. In finding the right size of the meeting room, the first thing to do is to confirm and finalise the expected number of attendees who will attend. This will also help in determining the required equipment.

  1. Finance

As much as possible, you should stick within your budget without compromising the service you’ll be receiving. To do this, it’s better if you book the place at least two weeks before the meeting. Also, be aware of hidden charges that may transpire after the meeting. Prior to booking, ask what amenities are included in the room and whether there are extra charges for using them.

  1. Services and facilities

To impress the attendees and make them comfortable throughout the duration of the meeting, you should think about the services and facilities offered in the venue. This means that you must check the inclusion of the package such as the meeting room itself, meeting equipment, creative meeting toolkits, technological support and many others. There should be comprehensive amenities including LCD projectors, video equipment, loudspeakers and flip charts as well as hotel wifi. In case there’s an attendee who is disabled, you should ensure that the room has an alternative layout like step-free access or audio-visual facilities.

  1. Speed of responding

A customer support’s response time will indicate how they provide the service throughout the day you’re booked. To ensure quality service, visit the hotel or venue’s site prior to booking. If they have no website, it’s ideal to visit it personally to see if the services they offer fit your requirements.

  1. Catering

If the delegates are coming from distant places and the meeting will be held for long hours, it is best to choose a venue that provides good catering service. See to it that no issues, such as shortages of meals and refreshment, will transpire.

It’s recommended to make extra effort in doing research for a meeting room. It does not necessarily mean selecting a star class venue. The important thing to note is the accessibility, comfort and convenience of the place. If it’s your first time to book a meeting room, you can consider using a room scheduling software.